Alex Fraser Joins NRSPP Blind Spot Toolbox Talks

November 11, 2023

At Alex Fraser, there’s nothing more important than keeping people safe – especially on the road. That’s why we’ve partnered with Monash University Accident Research Centre again to create this series of Toolbox Talks about blind spots for the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP), along with Bingo Industries.

Transport Supervisor Miles Bisset participates in NRSPP Blind Spots Toolbox Talks

NRSPP developed their latest educational video and animation (below) about the many blind spots on heavy vehicles that prevent the driver from being able directly or indirectly see where a pedestrian or cyclist might be.

The videos are being used to educate other road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and light vehicle drivers on how to safely interact with trucks on the road.

Thank you to our Transport team – especially Miles, Mira and Brendan for your valuable contribution to this latest video series.

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