Alex Fraser Crew Paving Greener Roads for 15 Years

August 25, 2022

Paving Greener Roads for 15 years

Congratulations to our first Alex Fraser Asphalt Crew who celebrated 15 years of paving greener roads this year.

Jeffrey Axiak, Joseph Agius, Fabian Saliba, Jeffrey Azzopardi, Michael Axiak, Simon Grech and Sammy Bondin are the founding members of Alex Fraser Asphalt paving operations, and they each achieved their 15 year service anniversaries in June. Foreman Jeffrey Axiak recalls the very beginning of Alex Fraser Asphalt.

“I was at a crossroads with my career. My brother (Michael Axiak) and I were looking to leave Pioneer and start our own paving business. We reached out to Brendan Camilleri (Asphalt GM) and asked if we started a crew would we be able to contract for Alex Fraser, which morphed into starting a crew up for him at Alex Fraser. 15 years later and Michael is still working with me as our Leading Hand!”

The original ad posted in the Herald Sun in 2007 recruiting for Alex Fraser’s first asphalt crew.

Jeff said the original crew he helped build worked together for more than 10 years.

“The original crew worked together for 10 years before anyone moved on. Since then, with the growth of the business some of our more experienced members have gone on to create new crews.”

Jeff believes it is the positive working environment that has kept him and the team at Alex Fraser for 15 years.

“You can have the best and fanciest machines, but it’s the people who do the job and can make your day. I’ve been lucky to work with a great bunch of people in my time at Alex Fraser.”

Currently, Jeff and his crew are working on a new estate in Melbourne’s west. He recalls some of his career highlights.

The first time sheet completed by Alex Fraser’s inaugural asphalt crew in June, 2007.

“We all remember the big jobs. The Webb Dock project is a big and memorable one from a few years ago. More recently, we we scored the opportunity to pave the Mordialloc Freeway in echelon.”

Jeff said one of the biggest changes in his 15 years is the expansion of the asphalt operation.

“When I first came on board, the asphalt plant at Dohertys Rd was a joint venture with Downer. Eventually Alex Fraser purchased the remaining shares and increased our crew numbers. Paving hasn’t really changed much in 15 years – there’s a lot more recycled content and glass in the mix compared to when we started, but that doesn’t change the way we work or the quality of the pavement.”

“There are some challenges, especially in the cold weather in Melbourne. The asphalt can go off pretty quickly so we definitely need to bring our ‘A game’ along to make these jobs happen.”

Brendan Camilleri has been at the helm of Alex Fraser Asphalt since its beginning. He credits the culture of the business to his entire team.

“Of the eight employees hired in 2007, seven of them are still working at Alex Fraser, which shows the strength of the mateship and culture of the organisation. There have been a lot of laughs along the way.”

Alex Fraser Asphalt celebrates 15 years of paving greener roads.

Brendan said the first asphalt crew had rallied together since their humble beginnings and their camaraderie has only grown over the years.

“Our first crew were the people responsible for building our asphalt paving business. By working hard together and sticking to our values we built the foundation of the successful team we are today. I still remember we purchased our shovels from Bunnings and we borrowed Michael’s trailer until the crew truck was finished.”

“I can honestly say these seven men are joy to work with. I truly want to thank them for the part they have played in helping us become Australia’s leading provider of sustainable construction materials.”

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