Alex Fraser Achieves ISO Triple Certification

July 6, 2023

Alex Fraser Recycling has been awarded triple ISO certifications recognising its consistently effective quality, safety and environmental management practices.

Following comprehensive audits of every Alex Fraser recycling facility in Victoria and Queensland, Bureau Veritas awarded the recycling businesses with ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001 (Safety Management System) certifications.

This achievement aligns Alex Fraser Recycling with its asphalt sister companies, Alex Fraser Asphalt in Victoria who are triple ISO certified for all quality, safety and environmental systems associated for their paving and sealing of roads. Suncoast Asphalt in Queensland are triple ISO certified for all quality, safety and environmental systems associated with the production, supply and lay of their asphalt products.

Group Safety Manager Laurie Marcon says the attainment of triple ISO certification represents a positive step forward.

Alex Fraser’s Recycling Facilities have achieved ISO triple certification

“This certification covers all inbound materials collection, materials recycling/processing, finished product, maintenance, sales and community engagement. Certification 9001 is all about quality – how do we produce the quality products for our customers, certification 14001 is demonstrating that we have quality systems in place to protect and preserve the environment and certification 45001 is a demonstration that Alex Fraser Recycling has safety systems in place to protect the health and safety of its employees, customers and community. Safety was the new one for us this year, but as we already have high safety standards across the business, we were able to demonstrate some of the good work we already do to attain that new certification.”

Marcon explains that throughout the audit there are also some identified improvement opportunities for internal processes.

“The auditor found no major non conformances. Some minor non conformances were identified, and all are being addressed and close to being rectified and closed out. The auditor recommended triple certification which was endorsed by Joint Accreditation Systems of Australian and New Zealand (JASAN) and approved in June, 2023 with annual audits and a full review in 2026.”

Bureau Veritas Lead Auditor Nadir Mazhar has been completing audits with Alex Fraser for 13 years.

“It has been a smooth journey working with the Alex Fraser team, they’re a cooperative and supportive team. They’ve been receptive in taking on the external audit findings positively and making improvements accordingly.

Throughout the audit, Mazhar is responsible for cross-checking Alex Fraser’s compliance.

“When I’m conducting an audit like this one, I’m not only looking out for compliance with requirements for ISO standards, but also compliance with Alex Fraser’s own and legal requirements.”

Mazhar praises the team’s new certification.

“Congratulations to Alex Fraser on attaining a triple certification. Keep it up!”

Recycling GM Sean McCormick acknowledges the many hours of work that went into the audit.

“It was a concerted effort across the entire recycling business with more than 30 of our people working on the audit. A huge thanks to all those who supported this important initiative in benchmarking our systems including our Integrated Management Systems Coordinator Kirsten Finney who led the audit, John Wanneck, Darren Palmer, Darrin Campbell, Matt Wright and Nicole Bates from Recycling Queensland. Adam Somerscales, Emma Elliott, Joe Xerri, Jason Walsh from Recycling Victoria, Lorenzo Marcon from Safety and Lidia Perri from Corporate Communication.”

“Now that we have achieved triple certification, we must maintain our continuous improvement approach to ensure we sustain ongoing certification and high quality systems across the business.”

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