Alex Fraser’s Next Step Toward Reconciliation and Allyship

May 28, 2024

In the spirit of National Reconciliation Week, Alex Fraser is making another small step towards developing deeper understanding and respect for First Nation’s people within and around our organisation. Aligning with this year’s theme for National Reconciliation Week: ‘Now More Than Ever’, we’re taking action now to educate and engage our people on reconciliation, allyship and First Nation’s history and culture.

Alex Fraser Managing Director Peter Murphy explains that since the introduction of cultural awareness training to the senior leaders of the business, there’s been a greater organisational understanding about reconciliation and an expression from others in the team to learn more too.

Evolve Communities cultural awareness training has been extended as an opportunity to the entire workforce.

“Following the successful completion of ‘Seven Steps to Reconciliation and Allyship’ cultural awareness training by our senior leaders, we have extended this opportunity to our entire workforce.”

“This National Reconciliation Week, we’ve partnered with Evolve Communities again to provide our employees with an online, condensed version of the same training course as a first step in their personal journey towards allyship.” he said.

The Evolve Communities cultural awareness training course is designed to educate our employees in seven key learning areas. They include:

  1. Reconciliation
  2. Diversity, Identity and Stereotypes
  3. Our Shared History
  4. Communication, Cultural Baggage and Unconscious Bias
  5. Family and Kinship, Sorry Business and Cultural Leave
  6. Closing the Gap and Privilege
  7. Becoming an Ally


Coinciding with the commencement of National Reconciliation Week, all nominated employees commenced their cultural awareness journey on Monday May 27.

Peter says his team are focused on tangible and realistic actions as steps towards Reconciliation.

“By taking practical steps towards Reconciliation, we aim to create a workplace that respects and appreciates the cultures, histories and contributions of Indigenous Australians.”

“We need to work together to create more inclusive and welcoming workplaces.” he said.

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