Avis Depot – Brisbane airport upgrade

November 23, 2018


The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is in the middle of an extensive investment program to enhance the passenger experience at the gateway to Queensland.

This includes delivering new airport infrastructure such as a runway, redevelopment of the international terminal, multiple airfield upgrades, access road upgrades and a number of new commercial buildings and facilities.

More than $1.7 billion has already been invested in infrastructure projects since FY12, improving and adding to the airport.

Rental car business Avis operates an off-terminal service depot at Brisbane Airport to clean and service the fleet of rental cars available from their airport terminals. The existing Avis depot had to make way for the development of the airport’s new second runway.

Alex Fraser recycled materials supply the new Avis depot

Brisbane airport AVIS Depot car park

Choosing Alex Fraser recycled materials saved approximately 170 tonnes of carbon savings and 140 reduced truck movements.

Contractor SEQ Excavations won the tender for the civil earthworks at the new Avis depot.
Alex Fraser’s Nudgee site was well-positioned to service the ongoing development of the Brisbane airport, and from here 22,000 tonnes of RM001 and RM003 was supplied for 40,000 square metres of flexible pavement.

The material was supplied in accordance to Federal Government project design specifications (Queensland Main Roads Spec MRTS35). The project was completed two months ahead of schedule.

SEQ’s decision to award the tender to Alex Fraser was based on a combination of a proven ability to supply large volumes within the required timeframes, positive past experiences in using Alex Fraser materials, and a good understanding of the financial savings due to density benefits.

Environmental and cost savings achieved by using recycled materials

Choosing Alex Fraser recycled materials resulted in approximately 170 tonnes of carbon savings and 140 reduced truck movements.

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