Clarinda Recycling Facility Offsets Carbon Emissions

December 17, 2020

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In its mission to achieve carbon neutralityAlex Fraser has  joined forces with Greenfleet, a leading environmental NFP and Australia’s first carbon offset provider, to take practical climate action.  

Alex Fraser Managing Director Peter Murphy said move would offset 100 per cent of the 2500 tonnes of carbon emissions generated at the Clarinda Recycling Facility through the annual recycling work.   

Alex Fraser Managing Director Peter Murphy joined Brendan Liveris to plant 800 trees to commemorate World Environment Day 2020.

Alex Fraser Managing Director Peter Murphy with Sustainability Manager Brendan Liveris at Clarinda Recycling Facility.

Our recycling facilities are determined to achieve the best possible outcomes for their communities and the environment. Recycling and producing sustainable products to build greener roads is only part of our job. Being good neighbour, reducing our environmental impact and improving biodiversity is very important to us too 

Through this partnership with Greenfleet, we’re helping to green Victoria, by increasing the biodiversity of its flora and planting new and protected native forests,” said Murphy. 

For every tonne of carbon created at the Clarinda Recycling Facility, Alex Fraser has committed to funding Greenfleet to plant enough native trees to directly offset its carbon emissions and help to restore Victoria’s native forests and ecosystems which are These new forests are legally protected for up to 100 years, providing urgently needed habitat for native fauna.

Greenfleet have planted thousands of native trees at Plenty Gorge.

Murphy said that he was confident Alex Fraser’s work with Greenfleet would generate climate action that provides genuine, local and lasting environmental benefits.  

“We are proud of the positive environmental impact we’re making at Clarinda. By offsetting our emissions, we are taking practical action against climate change.  We are reducing our environmental impact and restoring Australia’s precious forests and habitats after the devastating bushfires,” said Murphy. 

Greenfleet CEO Wayne Wescott said, “Greenfleet is restoring native forests and growing climate hope with the contributions of our amazing supporters, including Alex Fraser.” 

“Year on year, companies like Alex Fraser help Greenfleet plant more biodiverse native forests to capture carbon emissions; their continuous support is helping us make a tangible and positive difference to the environment,” said Wescott.

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