Concrib – Building Greener for Years

July 27, 2021

Concrib Segmental Wall Captain Cook Drive Arundel

Almost 25 years ago Alex Fraser started to work with Concrib; Brisbane’s specialists in retaining walls. 

Alex Fraser Managing Director Peter Murphy established the relationship with Concrib in 1996 and says, “We value long term relationships and to see this relationship continuing over decades is pretty special. Our Queensland team have always enjoyed working with them to provide quality, sustainable materials that have become integral to Concrib’s wall design.” 

Concrib chooses Alex Fraser’s recycled products for its sustainability benefits.

Concrib chooses Alex Fraser’s recycled concrete products for its self-compacting ability and its sustainability benefits.  

Concrib Project Manager Gerry Streek says the business is confident in Alex Fraser’s consistent quality and reliability. 

“The length of our business relationship with Alex Fraser speaks for itself. The quality of service and products we receive has been consistently outstanding from day one; we are able to rely on the team at Alex Fraser to deliver as promised.”  

“Our project teams speak very highly of Alex Fraser and their ability to adapt to our ever-changing needs and projects.” 

Streek said, in a circular approach, Concrib also uses Alex Fraser’s RecycleBin service. 

Concrib relies on Alex Fraser’s consistent quality and reliability for their projects.

“Alex Fraser’s sustainable business model and values are hard to go past. Having a complete cycle service that allows us to recycle our project waste using their RecycleBins – to then be able to reuse this in future projects is something we and our customers value.” 

“The service we have received from the team at Alex Fraser has been second to none. We appreciate the strong relationships we have with the people behind Alex Fraser who help us to deliver on our promise. 

As of August 1, 2021 Concrib merged with Retaining Solutions and is now known as Retaining Solutions. They will continue to service their customers in Queensland and New South Wales. 

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