Councils need to invest in recycled products to win the war on waste

March 5, 2018


With China’s latest import bans putting an end to offshore recycling, the future of local council recycling services is uncertain, as councils struggle to manage the collection of recyclables without a final destination for recycling.

Alex Fraser Managing Director Peter Murphy explains the offshore bans are only a small part of a much bigger problem.

“Recycling doesn’t end when we convert a waste product into something of value. To be viable, the end product then needs to be resold and reused.”

“Our municipal councils’ responsibility extends far beyond collecting waste from our wheelie bins, to investing in recycled products that help ‘close the recycling loop‘.

Alex Fraser recycles thousands of tonnes of glass collected from Victorian households each week, re-purposing into high quality construction materials, available for local governments to build better, smarter, greener cities.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, traditionally ‘unrecyclable’ glass is cleaned, separated from foreign materials, crushed and screened to produce a high quality construction sand, ideal for use in concrete, roadbase, asphalt, pipe bedding and filter/drainage materials.

Local governments closing the loop

Some local governments are ahead of the game, like the City of Kingston, who is working with cutting-edge contractors like the Parkinson Group and confidently investing in quality recycled materials for local maintenance and development projects.

Last year they redeveloped Old Wells Road and Derham Street using recycled glass sand and road base. Later this year they’ll be repaving several local streets with Alex Fraser asphalt, which includes up to 40 per cent recycled content.

Parkinson’s Project Engineer Con Sakkas said he preferred Alex Fraser’s recycled materials, wherever possible.

“It’s always rewarding to know that we are using quality products that comply with all technical requirements but help protect the environment too,” he explained.

Choosing recycled is a vital step local councils need to take to win this war on waste

Alex Fraser’s MD Peter Murphy recently spoke to Joseph Thomsen from ABC Goulburn Murray about the burgeoning recycling issue facing Australia. He explained, if we’re not choosing to invest in the use of recycled products, we’re only doing half the job.

“Like any manufacturing process it only works if there is an end market for it. Local councils who are generating this material also need to be the buyers of the finished product because if you put the materials in your wheelie bin that is not the end of the recycling process,” said Peter.

“Someone needs to buy it back, and government agencies, councils and water authorities are great avenues to distribute the recycled products that we make.”

Click here to listen to the ABC Goulburn Murray interview with Alex Fraser’s Peter Murphy on what our local councils need to do to win the war on waste


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