Focus on maintaining excellent air quality at Alex Fraser Epping

May 24, 2018


Managing and monitoring air quality on our recycling sites is an essential part of being good neighbours. This is particularly important at Alex Fraser’s Clarinda and Epping sites which are situated close to neighbouring facilities, including a school and a fruit market.

Good outdoor air quality is fundamental to the wellbeing of those within our local community and the environment in which we operate. This is why we’ve recently installed a network of real-time air quality monitors at Epping to match our highly successful system already in place at Clarinda.

Alex Fraser Site Manager Cathal Clerkin-Parr was involved in the recent installation and shares how the monitors allow us to continuously improve the air quality at our sites.

“The four-point system monitors the perimeter of the site to measure air quality and alerts us to any issues needing attention. The real-time data collection helps us build a comprehensive record of environmental performance and compliance.”

“Alarms are set well below compliance thresholds, and the system alerts us to implement corrective action early to ensure compliance is maintained,” said Cathal.

Alex Fraser’s continuously high standards in air quality have attracted commendation from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria and the Clean Air Society.

In visits to our sites, the EPA Victoria appraised “Alex Fraser’s state-of-the-art air quality management system is beyond world’s best practice.”

Recycling GM Sean McCormick said systems to maintain good air quality were also fitted to our processing equipment, heavily trafficked site roads are bituminously sealed, and water trucks cover the site during operating hours.

“The most powerful feature of our environmental systems, however, is the commitment of our people to ensuring our air quality is managed to the highest standard and monitoring is sustained and continuously improved,” said Sean.

Green Roads by Alex Fraser strive to ensure its sites operate to the highest environmental standards in producing quality, recycled construction materials. This includes the use of grey water, solar energy, air quality control, and innovative operating practices that reduce our carbon footprint.


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