Green Star awarded to Alex Fraser Recycling

July 4, 2023

Alex Frasers Recycling Facilities have been recognised as a compliant waste processing facilities under GBCA Construction & Demolition waste reporting Criteria for 2023

Alex Fraser engaged Tandem Solutions to complete a national audit and assessment of their recovery and management of construction and demolition waste, under the protocols specified in the Green Star Construction and Demolition Waste Reporting Criteria version 2.0.  Third party verification against the coveted Green Star standards was achieved in April, 2023 for Alex Fraser Queensland, and in June, 2023 for its Victorian Recycling Facilities.

Sales Manager Nicole Bates and Project Administrator Kirsten Finney with Alex Fraser’s Green Star certificate

National Sustainability Manager Brendan Liveris says Alex Fraser receiving this certification is another important step towards a carefully regulated recycling industry that delivers results for the environment and circular economy.

“The national transition towards a robust circular economy needs the right scaffolding in place to ensure that waste recycling facilities are managing materials professionally, in order to build trust and confidence across the entire supply chain. The Green Star certification goes a long way towards doing this.”

Recycling GM Sean McCormick explains the significance of this important certification for the circular economy.

“Green Star is a nationally recognised rating system setting the standard for healthy, resilient, positive buildings and places. The rating in Australia was specifically developed for the Australian environment.”

“We’re proud to be acknowledged as members of this program, and for our Recycling Facilities to be recognised for playing a part in preserving natural resources and creating a positive impact on the wellbeing of our environment, through the recycling of millions of tonnes of construction and demolition waste.”

McCormick says there is an increased expectation for Green Star rated products and services.

Sales Managers Jason Walsh and Nicole Bates with Recycling Victoria’s Green Star Certificate

“More and more customers are seeking a Green Building Council Australia’s Green Star ratings for their projects. Knowing that our Recycling Facilities are recognised as complainant waste processing facilities gives our customers confidence that they will be provided with the evidence needed to demonstrate their own use of sustainably sourced materials at their project site.”

“There’s a real appetite for recycled content in construction projects in south-east Queensland, and the demand is growing. Brisbane is committed to delivering a ‘climate positive and sustainable’ Olympic Games in 2032, which means carbon reductions are considered at all key decision points, including construction.”

McCormick adds that the certification can help customers demonstrate their commitment to the circular econonmy with their tendering process.

“Customers will also be able to include our Green Star certification when they are tendering for projects with Alex Fraser, and we can supply them with evidence of all truck loads supplied to their project upon completion too.”

McCormick acknowledges the team behind the certification.

“Thank you to our team, especially Sustainability Advisor Johann Glueck and Admin Projects Officer Kirsten Finney who coordinated the Green Star certification. This is a great outcome for our Queensland Recycling Facilities and will provide a significant benefit to our customers.”

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