Hallam Road Upgrade

June 18, 2020


While most Victorians bunkered down at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, the construction industry charged ahead, with Premier Daniel Andrews announcing a $2.7 billion investment in construction to stimulate the economy and kick start the state’s recovery.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk followed suit, allocating $400 million in funding as part of The Queensland Economic Recovery Strategy, to deliver new roads, bridges and upgrade works across the state.

Volumes of recycled materials are being supplied to a major road upgrade south east of Melbourne in Hampton Park. Managed by BMD Constructions, the Hallam Road Upgrade will duplicate the existing road and adjoining highway.

Alex Fraser Key Account Manager Natalie Montalto said it had been rewarding to work with BMD to see everything come together in the project’s final stages.

“It’s been great working with BMD Constructions on the Upgrade. We’ve have a long history of working together, so we were thrilled that they chose to partner with us again to complete the duplication with sustainable construction materials.”

“We’ve supplied 25,000 tonnes of roadbase to date, including a mix of our Crushed Concrete Class 3, Crushed Concrete Class 4 and Cemented Treated Class 3 Crushed Concrete,” she said.

BMD Constructions Foreman Andy McBride said it was an easy choice to use Alex Fraser’s recycled materials again.

“These days we prefer to use Alex Fraser. Their recycled materials are great, and easy to work with. Speaking to the call centre is straightforward and you can count on the reliability of the deliveries, they’re always on time.”

Natalie said her customers tell her that the promise of a reliable supply of quality, recycled materials make Alex Fraser their first choice.

“BMD Constructions prefer using recycled materials, especially in Melbourne’s winter months; they’ve told us that it stands up to wet weather conditions better than virgin material.”


Hallam Road Upgrade between Ormond Road and the South Gippsland Highway.

The upgrade brings welcome relief for commuters, with more than 40,000 vehicles travelling on the arterial per day. Interestingly, there has been almost no negative impact to the traffic flow on the two major roads, a result of effective traffic management.

Works on the Hallam Road Upgrade commenced in September 2018. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by July 2020.

By choosing Alex Fraser’s sustainable construction materials on this project BMD Constructions are building greener roads that:

  • Diverted 25,000 tonnes from landfill
  • Reduced traffic by 74 trucks
  • Reduced carbon emissions by 163 tonnes

Feature image: Alex Fraser Key Account Manager Natalie Montalto visits BMD Constructions on site at the Hallam Rd Upgrade.


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