Joining Forces on Extractive Resources Sustainability

October 26, 2020


In a move to further sustainable outcomes, Hanson has committed to a 10-year project, joining the “Transformations in Mining Economies” Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). The collaboration is focused on sustainable mine closures; de-risking the closure of extractive industry by examining biodiversity, site reuse options, regulation improvement and community engagement 

There’s a lot of community interest in extraction sites, particularly at end of life as they are rehabilitated.

This innovative program will bring together research organisations, regulators from all mainland states, community groups and industry to take a long-term approach in addressing the complex issue of mine closure 

Hanson and Alex Fraser Sustainability Manager Brendan Liveris said this is another important step towards ensuring a sustainable supply chain in the construction materials industry.

This is a great collaboration to be part of. There is a benefit to both local communities and the business to drive good outcomes. Our communities are very interested in extraction sites, particularly at end of life, when they are to be rehabilitated. 

Hanson quarry water storage

Biodiversity enhancement and management is a critical global issue. Extractive industries can take a leading role in overcoming these challenges.

The CRC Partners have committed to collaborate; funding the CRC with $60 million over 10 years. Hanson will contribute $50,000 a year for 10 years, and has committed an additional $100,000 per year towards inkind community support – such as working with research organisations to undertake research in the Hanson quarry network. 

Brendan says, the 2018 Ernst & Young Annual “Ten Business Risks Facing Mining and Metals” report identified social license as mining’s number one risk factor.

The inclusive approach of the CRC will help focus our attention over the next 10 years on regulatory challenges, balancing stakeholder interests, understanding the impact of climate change on returning ecosystems – all while creating sustainable value. 

As recognised by the World Economic Forum, biodiversity enhancement and management is a critical global issue. Extractive industries must take a leading role in overcoming these challenges, and the CRC will help bring the right parties to the table. 

“Alternative uses for retired extractive sites is another topic for exploration; one that Alex Fraser is well placed to share its knowledge, given (some of) its recycling operations have been established on former quarry sites, said Brendan. 

“The collaboration aims to involve all stakeholders, from smallest community groups to large miners; to gain a clearer understanding of what value means to everyone, and how we can achieve better cultural, social, economic or environmental outcomes.” 

Read more about the group’s sustainability initiatives here:

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