Mann Group Vic close the loop on inner city university build

September 30, 2020

Demolition with MANN Group

On its entry to the Victorian market in 2018, Mann Group committed to recycle almost all recoverable materials from their demolition works, from concrete, to brick, stone and steel at Alex Fraser’s recycling facilities.

Mann Group demolition of University of Melbourne in progress

Mann Group’s demolition of the inner-city university project in progress.

Like Alex Fraser, Mann Group has a long history in recovering valuable materials otherwise destined for landfill. The company was established more than 70 years ago, and has grown to be a leader in demolition and resource recovery. Mann Group and Alex Fraser are working on several projects across Melbourne, recovering and recycling thousands of tonnes of material to make urgently needed, sustainable construction materials.

One of these projects is the demolition of several university buildings in Melbourne. The demolition will make way for a New Student Precinct. Mann Group will recover 2,500 tonnes of concrete for recycling at Alex Fraser’s Clarinda Recycling Facility.

Mann Group Demolition in progress

This project has a strong emphasis on social procurement and recycling to reach its GBCA Green Star Rating.

The Clarinda Recycling Facility is a critical part of Alex Fraser’s network of world-class recycling facilities. It is extremely well serviced by the road network, allowing tonnes of recyclable material to be conveniently and quickly transported in and sustainable construction products to be transported out to supply Melbourne’s construction boom.

Mann Group’s General Manager Greg Horsey said the inner-city project had a strong emphasis on social procurement and recycling to reach the targets required to achieve its Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) Green Star Rating. Greg says that the company’s work with Alex Fraser helps them to attain this status.

Mann Group loading a Green Roads truck

The New Student Hub is especially ‘circular’ with the waste material supplied back to the project for reuse.

“Alex Fraser’s recycling and reporting processes have helped us consistently meet and exceed the recycling requirements of the project. In our experience, they’re the most efficient, user-friendly and customer focussed of all C&D recyclers. If we ever need assistance with a problem, they’re ready to help find a solution.”

This Mann Group project has taken on a particular ‘circular’ approach where the waste material is not only recycled at Clarinda Recycling Facility but has been supplied back to the project back for reuse. Excess materials have been supplied into other major projects in Melbourne’s South East.

“It great to see the uniquely circular outcomes we’ve achieved with Alex Fraser on this project. We’ve closed the loop by recycling our demolition material into roadbase, and then reusing the sustainable products made from it supplied it in the new build.”

Greg’s relationship with Alex Fraser stems back more than 30 years, he says he has continued to choose Alex Fraser because of their commitment to sustainability, quality, safety and customer service.

“Alex Fraser are the market leaders of the industry. They provide us with a user-friendly service and have an innovative approach to achieving sustainability in construction materials; that provides us with confidence that our materials will be responsibly recycled and reused within the industry.”

This Mann Group project will be completed in early 2021 and will divert 2,500 tonnes from landfill. The use of the recycled materials produced will reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 16,323 kg.

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