Meet our Mental Health and Crisis Support Crew

August 28, 2020

Mental Health First Aiders

Alex Fraser and Suncoast Asphalt’s new Mental Health First Aid Training program is well underway. This is a key initiative of the 2020 Health and Safety Plans across the business and represents a further step in increasing mental health skills across the organisation.

33 Alex Fraser and Suncoast Asphalt people have already completed the two-day virtual training course delivered by St John Ambulance Australia.

Mental Health is an issue that is close to our hearts, particularly at this unusual time, where people have felt isolated or had new difficulties to work through. The fundamental objective of the program is to build the capacity for our people to support one another in the workplace and the community.

Mental Health First Aid training comprises a combination of pre-work theory, with multiple-choice questions and an assessment, and two virtual sessions facilitated by an accredited St. John’s Mental Health Counsellor.

Mental Health and Crisis Support Training underway

Virtual Mental Health and Crisis Support training continues through the pandemic.

Customer Service Supervisor Elle Robinson was part of the first round of participants to complete the course. The Customer Service team has been working remotely for several months now, and Elle is using some of the strategies she learned in the sessions to connect more closely with her team.

“Even though we’re working from home, it’s given me the tools to be able to ask the right questions and reach out to my team on a more personal level. I’ve been able to let my team know that ‘it’s ok to not be ok’ and there are plenty of avenues they can take to speak to someone if they are not comfortable speaking with me, especially now with the stage four restrictions.”

The third round of online training and virtual classes were successfully delivered last month, and we’ve been delighted with the feedback provided by the participants.

The response from the group was very positive; everyone enjoyed the course, and the facilitator was great. The program was easy to follow and the participants feel they have the tools to support their colleagues.

Communications Manager Cara Spencer joined the program during the height of the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Alex Fraser's Mental Health and Crisis Training.

We’re committed to ensure everyone in our business has direct access to skilled and understanding people trained in Mental Health and Crisis Support.

“I’m grateful to have been part of this initiative at this time when so many lives are being turned upside down. It’s good to be part of an organisation that strives to support their people’s mental health – where workplace health and safety go far deeper than hard hats and high vis.”

Safety Group Manager Laurie Marcon is thrilled that the organisation now has 33 understanding, skilled and approachable people ready to step up to this commitment, with additional training sessions booked for September.

“I hope our people will reach out to our Mental Health and Crisis Support people if they ever feel they need some help.”

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