Millions of Bottles Recycled in Western Roads Upgrade

September 11, 2019


Upon completion of Victorian Government’s Western Roads Upgrade Project approximately 190 million bottles worth of recycled glass will have been put to good use.

The extensive roads improvement initiative is well underway, with multiple project sites sourcing recycled materials from Alex Fraser’s sustainable supply hub in Laverton North, just a stone’s throw away.

Winslow Constructors are managing a substantial package of the works, and have enlisted Alex Fraser to supply road-base and asphalt.

Supply is well underway with more than 170,000 tonnes of roadbase and 200,000 tonnes of asphalt expected to be used on Leakes, Dohertys and Palmers roads. Approximately 75,000 tonnes of the asphalt is comprised of high-recycled-content products, supplemented with recycled glass sand.

The use of recycled materials in the Western Roads Upgrade will cut the carbon footprint of the project by up to 65 per cent, and divert the equivalent of almost 200 million bottles from landfill.

Alex Fraser asphalt crews are well into paving works on the Leakes Road upgrade, between Derrimut Road and Fitzgerald Road and the Doherty Road upgrade from Fitzgerald Road to Grieve Parade.


Alex Fraser's Asphalt Crew kicked off works on Leakes Road, putting the Shuttlebuggy into action.
Alex Fraser’s Asphalt Crew kicked off works on Leakes Road, putting their new Shuttlebuggy into action

Winslow Constructors Executive General Manager Rohan Davidson said their company had a long standing working relationship with Alex Fraser.

“When it came to choosing a provider to partner with us on the Western Roads Upgrade we went with Alex Fraser; because we know from experience that they deliver on service, reliability and quality workmanship. The environmental benefits and quality of their products are class leading,” he said.

The Dohertys Road upgrades, and the Leakes Road upgrades are expected to be completed in 2020. An additional component upgrading Palmers Road is expected to be finished midway through 2021.

By Choosing Alex Fraser’s Green Roads materials the Western Roads Upgrade has saved:


  • 264,800 tonnes from landfill
  • 288,338 tonnes of natural resources
  • 785 trucks movements
  • 1,729 tonnes of carbon emissions

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