Case Study: Mt Derrimut Road Level Crossing Removal Project

October 13, 2023

Mt Derrimut Road Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) is one of our latest examples of the Victorian Government’s Recycled First Policy in action in rail application. This Level Crossing Removal Project used more than 70,000 tonnes of Alex Fraser’s Green Roads Construction Materials in its construction.

Western Program Alliance Senior Sustainability Advisor Lachlan Walker said Alex Fraser’s supply strikes the balance between sustainability, quality and cost-effective products.

“Alex Fraser’s Green Roads products not only provide good value for money, but they have helped us achieve the project’s sustainability goals including the diversion of construction waste from landfill. Their recycled materials have demonstrated excellent performance in pavement applications and have helped significantly reduce the project’s carbon emissions.”

“By working with Alex Fraser on this project we have delivered direct circular economy outcomes by recycling concrete, brick, rock and asphalt removed from the project at their Laverton facility into high quality construction materials for reuse.”

Lachlan said the consistently reliable management of deliveries to the project site was valued by the project team, and important in achieving project timelines.

“The short cartage distance between the Laverton Recycling Facility and the project site was an added bonus, reducing associated carbon emissions and traffic impacts,” he said.

The successful completion of the Mt Derrimut Road Level Crossing Removal project will have a lasting impact on the Deer Park community. By eliminating the level crossing and improving traffic flow, the elevated rail line over the road enhances safety and reduces travel times for its 23,000 daily commuters. The Ballarat and Geelong lines are now level crossing free between Deer Park and the city.

Alex Fraser Sales Manager Jason Walsh says that safety was the highest priority when delivering to site.

“One of the key challenges we faced on this project was managing traffic congestion, which can make safe and timely delivery of materials challenging. Western Program Alliance worked closely with our team to ensure constant communication regarding traffic conditions so we could keep deliveries rolling in, and our customers, employees and the community safe.”

A wide range of Green Roads Construction Materials went into the Mt Derrimut Road LXRP.

“Recycled type A capping, recycled concrete roadbase, recycled concrete aggregates and crushed rock went to this project – all supplied from our nearby Western Sustainable Supply Hub.”

He said the Mt Derrimut Road LXRP is a testament to yet another successful collaboration between the LXRA, the Western Program Alliance and Alex Fraser.

“We have a long history of building greener rail with the Western Program Alliance, the Level Crossing Removal Authority and McConnell Dowell. The Mt Derrimut Road LXRP is another demonstration of how we can maximise infrastructure sustainability in rail, through the use of quality recycled materials.”

The project commenced in April 2022 and is scheduled for completion later this month.

By choosing Green Roads Construction Materials on the Mt Derrimut Road Level Crossing Removal Project, the Western Program Alliance:

  • Reused 70,946 tonnes of recycled C&D material,
  • Reduced truck traffic by 113 trucks,
  • Recycled 17,209,300 glass bottles,
  • Saved 236,740 kg of carbon emissions and
  • Preserved 74,341 tonnes of natural resources.
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