Alex Fraser’s Green Roads Recycled Glass Sand is a high-quality, sustainable alternative to natural sand made from problem waste glass fines that cannot be recycled back into glass bottles or jars. Recycled glass sand is smooth and safe to handle, and contains a silica level lower than natural sand.

Recycled glass sand has excellent compaction properties and is ideal for use as a bedding and backfilling material. It can also be blended into other materials, like roadbase and asphalt.

Our recycled glass sand provides our customers and communities with a range of benefits, including:

  • VicRoads Registered – Alex Fraser’s recycled glass sand is used in asphalt to VicRoads specifications 407
  • Environmental Benefits – by replacing a percentage of virgin materials with recycled glass sand, the Earth’s natural resources are preserved.

Recycled Glass Sand – 5mm Minus


Alex Fraser recycled sand is used in asphalt to VicRoads specifications 407.