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Recycled Glass Sand – 5mm Minus

  • Green Roads Recycled Glass Sand is a high-quality, sustainable alternative to natural sand.
  • Problem glass waste is sorted, cleaned and reprocessed down to a smooth, 5mm minus aggregate.
  • Recycled Glass Sand has excellent compaction properties and is ideal for use as a bedding and backfilling material. It can also be blended into other materials, like roadbase and asphalt.
  • Recycled Glass Sand has a silica level lower than natural sand.
  • Alex Fraser recycled sand is used in asphalt to VicRoads specifications 407.
Image of glass sand equipment

Our Green Roads Sand is 100% Recycled Glass Sand recycled from problem waste glass fines that cannot be recycled back into glass bottles or jars.

Every year, in Victoria alone, more than 100,000 tonnes of waste glass fines are landfilled or stockpiled because they are too small to be sorted and recycled back into new glass bottles. Alex Fraser recycles this waste glass into environmentally friendly, VicRoads compliant construction sand.

As quality natural sand becomes harder to source Green Roads Recycled Glass Sand is an excellent alternative for use in pipe bedding, landfill rejuvenation and granular filters. We also blend quantities of Recycled Glass Sand into our sustainable asphalt mixes and road base.

Green Roads Recycled Glass Sand is smooth and safe to handle, with a silica content lower than that of natural sand.