Recycled construction materials – a better, smarter, greener choice

February 20, 2018


With Australia’s natural resources in high demand, recycled construction products are emerging as an attractive alternative to quarried materials.

But how does the quality of recycled products compare to virgin material?

We’ve done the ground work to ensure high quality recycled construction materials are readily available as a better, smarter, greener choice for construction and infrastructure projects.

Our customers and leading authorities are confident in the quality of recycled construction materials 

Through rigorous product testing, our products are made to comply with the stringent VicRoads specifications in Victoria, Department of Transport and Main Roads (DMTR) specifications in Queensland, as well as specification of water authorities and local government.

Our customers are confidently choosing recycled over virgin materials, with numerous councils, such as the City of KingstonCity of Stonnington and City of Casey, selecting Alex Fraser recycled materials for local projects; and finding the quality and performance of recycled products equivalent, if not better, than traditional quarried virgin aggregate and sand.

VicRoads have a strong track record in choosing recycled materials, effectively lowering the environmental impact of some of their biggest projects including the M1 and M80.

Recycled materials provide a greener choice  

Each year Victoria generates more than 5.3 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste, and Queensland generates more than 3.8 million tonnes.

Recovering, recycling and repurposing this waste gives governments and developers a sustainable option that reduces landfill and the carbon footprint of new construction projects.

Using recycled materials can result in a 65% reduction in carbon emissions, in addition to significant cost savings through density benefits. As recycled materials are lighter than virgin materials, projects also cut traffic, with fewer truck runs required to transport materials to site.

Watch the video featuring customers and leading authorities who have found recycled products to be a better,smarter, greener choice.

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