Search and Rescue Dogs Train at Green Roads Laverton

November 8, 2017


What does a construction and demolition recycling facility have in common with dogs and their trainers?

It turns out our stockpiles of concrete, brick and asphalt are the perfect simulation environment for search and rescue training!

On Melbourne Cup weekend, Green Roads by Alex Fraser were delighted to host the Search and Rescue Dogs of Australia (SARDA) at our Laverton Site for their annual disaster training camp.

Since 2013, our concrete recycling sites have become urban disaster training grounds for the volunteer-based, non-profit organisation that provide search and rescue dogs to locate missing people in emergency situations.

However it was in 2016 when SARDA became our primary corporate social responsibility partner that we moved from supporting generic good causes to doing something genuinely strategic.

The Green Roads partnership with SARDA:

  • Provides a meaningful connection between Alex Fraser and society as our recycling sites are the perfect environment for urban disaster training.
  • Supports an important social issue as Australia’s search and rescue dogs capability is purely voluntary; and
  • Generates large and clear benefits for society with a training environment being provided to SARDA for free.

The camp proved incredibly valuable with 10 dog training teams becoming ‘mission ready’ to support all emergency services in the event of an urban or natural disaster.

“It was an absolutely brilliant training workshop […] everyone was able to learn from international disaster recovery expert and assessor Steve Buckley who donated his time to train us,” said SARDA Secretary and Founder Julie Cowan.

“A huge thank you must go to everyone at Green Roads by Alex Fraser – who hosted us yet again, funded Steve’s Travel from the UK and made such a great effort to ensure the annual disaster training workshop was so successful,” added Julie.

We look forward to hosting again next year.

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