As a leading provider in infrastructure sustainability, Alex Fraser offers a range of recycling and asphalting services to keep your construction projects moving.


Our professional paving crews are some of the best in the business, operating the latest equipment they deliver quality workmanship, on projects big and small. They work seven days a week to deliver projects, on time and on budget. With state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled safety standards, you can be sure that Alex Fraser paving crews will get the job done, from major infrastructure projects to municipal works.

Victorian Asphalt Crews operate throughout metropolitan Melbourne

Queensland Asphalt Crews are based at Narangba, and service southeast Queensland municipalities, including Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Redlands and the Gold Coast.

Asphalt Supply:

Produce a wide range of sustainable asphalt products available to Ex-Bin or supply & lay. Check out our range of Green Roads Asphalt mixes here.

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Profiling & Sealing

Alex Fraser is your one stop shop for building greener roads. Our asphalt team can help you with a wide range of services, including:

Profiling: Our profiling equipment features modern technologies, such as vacuum ducts and water mist sprays to minimise dust. Our fleet includes Bobcats, Bobcat Mills, Suction Sweepers and Trucks. The materials recovered by our profiler is processed at our recycling facilities and used as a core ingredient in our green roads asphalt mixes.

Sealing: Prime, prime sealing, SAMIseal, spray sealing, crack sealing.

We can also provide line marking, traffic control, pit lifting and detector loop services upon request.

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Alex Fraser’s RecycleBin service is an easy, efficient, environmentally friendly solution for onsite construction and demolition recycling. We deliver bins to your building site, demolition, or concrete batch plant, helping you to divert recyclable waste from landfill, and recycle it into quality Green Roads products.

RecycleBins are available throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Brisbane in 12m³, 10m³, 9m³, 8m³ and 6m³ units.

Specifically designed for construction contractors, RecycleBins feature low sides and opening rear tailgates.

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Recycling & Tipping


Alex Fraser’s Recycling Facilities are open six days a week to recover and recycle construction and demolition waste and kerbside glass waste.

We are world leaders in resource recovery and recycling. Every year our network of facilities across Melbourne and Brisbane recover and recycle millions of tonnes of concrete, asphalt, brick, stone and glass.

Located close to the city, our Recycling Facilities offer customers safe and cost-effective tipping with the convenience of being able to backfill trucks with quality, sustainable construction products.

Find your closest recycling centre

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Accepted Materials

Our recycling sites accept a range of construction and demolition waste materials for use in recycled Green Roads products

Please note that Alex Fraser’s Recycling Facilities have ceased accepting engineered stone benchtops for tipping and recycling. This change has been implemented to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities.

Tipping and Public Safety

Please note: this is a commercial recycling facility, frequented heavy vehicles and equipment. In the interest of public safety, light vehicles with trailers are prohibited from tipping materials at our facilities.

The Clarinda Recycling Facility features a separate public tipping area, where light vehicles are allowed, and tipping is closely monitored.