Suncoast Asphalt Recognised with AfPA Award

August 3, 2023

Suncoast Asphalt has won an Australian Flexible Pavement Award (AfPA) for its recent project at The Esplanade, Deception Bay project with the City of Moreton Bay.

Alex Fraser’s General Manager of Asphalt Brendan Camilleri accepts the Outstanding Project Award (<$10m)

The Outstanding Project Award (<$10m), sponsored by Puma Energy Bitumen was shared with Ventia and Austek Roads for their recent Brisbane Airport project. Seven award winners were recognised at the Queensland AfPA Industry Awards, proudly sponsored by Traffic Control Innovations.

Suncoast Asphalt has joined forces with City of Moreton Bay (formerly Moreton Bay Regional Council) to supply and lay more than 79,000 tonnes of Green Roads asphalt annually; as part of the City of Moreton Bay’s Road Resurfacing Initiative.

A prime example of this work was the resurfacing of The Esplanade in Deception Bay. The road was paved with Green Roads PolyPave – an innovative, high-performance asphalt product containing reclaimed plastics, glass and reclaimed asphalt pavement.

By choosing Green Roads PolyPave on this project, the City of Moreton Bay recycled the equivalent of 72,312 stubbies (glass bottles), 14,463 milk bottles (HDPE plastics) and 2719 tyres. In addition, more than 115 tonnes of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) was incorporated in the mix, markedly reducing the project’s carbon footprint and the amount of bitumen required.

The plant used to produce the asphalt from this project was powered by Tyre Derived Fuel Oil (TDFO), which reduced the use of fossil fuel by more than 925 litres.

Alex Fraser and Suncoast Asphalt GM Brendan Camilleri humbly accepted the award on behalf of Suncoast Asphalt.

“Thank you to everyone on the project who ensured our site was safe, the community were engaged, and the project was completed on time, and to specification.”

Camilleri said the collaboration with the City of Moreton Bay helped Suncoast Asphalt to surpass the project’s expected sustainable outcomes.

Collaboration is key at Suncoast Asphalt and City of Moreton Bay.

“The teamwork between Suncoast Asphalt and the City of Moreton Bay is outstanding. It pushes us to the next level and encourages us to find innovative ways to build greener roads.”

All category winners will attend the AfPA National Awards to be held during their International Flexible Pavements Conference, in Brisbane on October 31. Best of luck to all nominees.

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