Suncoast Asphalt Switches to Tyre Derived Fuel

November 14, 2023

Suncoast Asphalt recently made the switch to an alternative fuel supply made from end of life tyres. The asphalt plant is now run on tyre derived oil. It incorporates end of life passenger vehicle tyres that would otherwise have been sent offshore for recycling.

End of life tyres used to make sustainable fuel.

Suncoast Asphalt was originally commissioned to operate on diesel fuel. Switching the plant to run on a recycled fuel source increases its environmental outcomes, reducing operating costs and reducing the need for fossil fuels, an important consideration as the world navigates through this current energy crisis.

Asphalt GM Brendan Camilleri says the environmental savings are immediate.

“It takes around eight litres of fuel to produce each tonne of asphalt. By making the switch to tyre fuel, there’s an immediate reduction in diesel consumption, and long-term environmental benefits.”

“This is another practical sustainability improvement. Our business is very focused on developing ongoing markets for recyclable materials. We use RAP, plastic and recycled glass sand in our asphalt, and now we are running our entire plant on a recycled fuel source.”

Senior Project Manager Akshay Kumar has overseen the conversion with the support of the Projects team.

Switching the plant to run on a sustainable fuel supply increases its environmental outcomes.

“The main reason we’ve made the switch is the environmental benefits. We’ve converted the plant to run on an alternative fuel as its primary source of energy, with diesel only as a back-up, and that’s a clear beneficial re-use for tyres.”

Special thanks to Alex Fraser’s Projects team and the Suncoast Asphalt Production team who assisted Akshay and Brendan with executing this project.

Brendan and his team are now looking to incorporate other recycled tyre products into our Green Roads Asphalt range.

“We’re carefully investigating the addition of another end-of-life tyre by-product into our asphalt – Carbon Char is the residual solid that can be incorporated into asphalt mixes; to reduce the volume of virgin aggregate required in the mix, reduce landfill and reduce its environmental impact.

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