Supporting Nudgee Beach’s Deadly Nature Scientists

June 29, 2021

Nudge Beach Environmental Education Centre 2021 Students

For its ninth year, Alex Fraser Queensland continues to support Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre – a community run program that empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to become “Nature Scientists”. 

Alex Fraser has supported Nudgee Beach EEC since 2012.

Nudgee Beach EEC Acting Principal Amy McDonald said their hands-on skills courses for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students provides pathways into careers with National Parks and Wildlife, and other revegetation projects. 

“We’re grateful to Alex Fraser Queensland for its continued and vital support, including their 2021 financial support that will go directly to all students completing their Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management.”  

Alex Fraser’s Nudgee Recycling Facility also provides a RecycleBin service to help manage the centre’s waste. Later this year the Alex Fraser team is joining forces with the Nudgee Beach EEC to complete an expansive beach cleanup to remove noxious weeds and rubbish from the waterways. 

Once the cleanup is complete Alex Fraser will deliver potting mix and sand to help revegetate the area with the near threatened Richmond birdwing butterfly vine; the main food source for

“We’re helping a fantastic, community driven organisation to provide

the vulnerable Richmond birdwing butterfly.  

Alex Fraser Queensland Manager John Wanneck said it had always been an honour to support and work with the Nudgee Beach EEC. 

“We’ve partnered with Nudgee Beach EEC for nine years now because it is such a great initiative to be involved in.”  

“We’re helping a fantastic, community driven organisation to provide unique opportunities to young aboriginal people to carve out careers that will protect our local environment through the rejuvenation of indigenous flora and fauna,” John said. 

Nudgee Beach EEC students recently visited Alex Fraser’s Nudgee Recycling Facility to take a close up look at our recycling process and the environmental controls on-site to ensure excellent air quality, responsible water use, and biodiversity.  

Nudgee Beach EEC students cleaning up with Alex Fraser’s RecycleBin service.

In addition to the financial support of the Nudgee Beach EEC students, Alex Fraser recently supported the biodiversity project by supplying topsoil needed for planting of native seedlings, and RecycleBins required for their beach clean up. 

Nestled just 19km from the Brisbane CBD the Nudgee Beach EEC engages students from Prep to Year 12.  

Visit Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre’s website if you’d like to learn more about the program. 

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