Sustainable Strides: Sustainability Charter Outcomes 2023

December 19, 2023

Hanson Australia and Alex Fraser reflect on the outcomes achieved since the introduction of their Sustainability Charter in 2021.

The group’s collective commitment to sustainability has been the driving force behind the transformative initiatives outlined in the Sustainability Charter’s 2023 Actions Report, setting the stage for a future focused on innovation in CO2 reduction, leadership in sustainable production, environmental stewardship, and strong, positive relationships with our communities.

Hason and Alex Fraser five Sustainability Pillars guide work and ensure we’re making a positive impact.

Former National Sustainability Manager Brendan Liveris led the Sustainability Week activities across the broader business.

“The pillars of our Sustainability Charter guide our work to ensure we are making a positive impact upon the environments and communities we work in. Sustainability Week was an opportunity to showcase the meaningful contributions made towards sustainability from all corners of the nation.”

“Our vision is to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions with lasting value to our customers and community. Since we introduced our Sustainability Charter in 2021, our Australian businesses have been striving to introduce positive changes that reduce our environmental impact and positively contribute to our industry and communities.”

rCB is being used as a sustainable alternative to fine ground limestone in asphalt production.

Brendan adds that the Reduce CO2 Pillar and Sustainable Products Pillar have been a key focus for the Hanson Group of Companies this year, with Hanson and Alex Fraser’s collaboration on the development of Recycled Concrete Aggregates being a standout achievement.

A key milestone in the use of recycled materials was the 2023 Recycled Tyres for Sustainable Roads trial that brought together a host of industry partners, including Seymour Whyte, the Department of Transport, NTRO, Major Road Projects Victoria, ecologiQ, Entyr and Tyre Stewardship Australia. Recovered Carbon Black (RCB), a product derived from waste tyres, can be used in place of fine ground limestone, demonstrating innovative reuse of waste tyres and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Alex Fraser’s investment in circularity continues at the Northern Sustainable Supply hub, with the development of a new high value recycling plant which will redefine the way we produce Green Roads Construction Materials.

Alex Frasers New $15m Asphalt Plant at the Northern Sustainable Supply Hub.

The new plant will reprocess rock, reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and concrete, to effectively reuse, recycle and repurpose resources.

On the Corporate Social Responsibility front, Alex Fraser has concentrated on social procurement and engaging social enterprises for goods and services where possible. The business is supporting indigenous and underprivileged communities to develop self-sustaining and profitable businesses through partnerships with registered social enterprises, from B.A. Road Services, an Indigenous-owned and operated asphalt paving company, to the provision on coffee landscaping, training, recruitment, and catering with social enterprises providing employment opportunities to indigenous youth, women from refugee communities and reformed ex-offenders. “

Alex Fraser volunteering at Foodbank Victoria.

Highlights for 2023 included participation in corporate volunteering days at Foodbank Victoria, the launch of First Nations Cultural Awareness Training, and enduring partnerships with organisations like Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre and Search and Rescue Dogs Australia (SARDA), with who we celebrated our 10-year anniversary.

Sustainability Week concluded with the appointment of new National Sustainability Manager Johann Glueck. Johann joined Hanson Australia in 2022 as Senior Sustainability Advisor, focusing on initiatives toward our ‘Reduce CO2 Emissions’ and ‘Sustainable Products’ pillars of the Sustainability Charter.

He has been instrumental in building our sustainability reporting capability, enabling the preparation of EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) specific to customer projects and Hanson Australia’s low-carbon products.

Nudgee Beach Enviro Education Centre’s new Yarning Circle supported by Alex Fraser.

A sincere thanks and acknowledgement to Brendan Liveris for his outstanding contribution during his time in the role, including the development of our first Sustainability Charter. Brendan remains within the Group, transitioning to lead the Concrete Supply Chain for Hanson’s Southern Region.

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