Webb Dock West

September 6, 2017




The Melbourne International RoRo and Auto Terminal (MIRRAT) has developed a Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) automative terminal in Webb Dock West. The 185,000m2 site, which opened in April 2016, will see up to one million vehicles pass through the terminal every year. The site features a total berth length of 920 metres and also includes a fully enclosed 8,000m2 cargo storage area.

Partnering to achieve extraordinary environmental outcomes

MIRRAT aimed to carry out the project in a measurably sustainable manner and assessed the project using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia framework, which recognises the sustainability benefits coming from the use of recycled products. CPB Contractors (formerly Leighton Contractors) has worked closely with Alex Fraser to maximise the use of recycled products, not only in the traditional areas of road base and asphalt but also in the use of innovative engineered fill, recycled glass sand and cement stabilised recycled sand. The use of engineered recycled fill broke the paradigm for sourcing and placing fill on projects like this. The normal methodology is to source low quality/low value excavation material and to place it as it becomes available. The approach on the Webb Dock project was to utilise a crushed recycled material that could be produced and delivered by Alex Fraser and placed at rates of up to 4,000 tonnes per day.

Alex Fraser contributions

Over a period of seven months, 235,786 tonnes of Class 2, 3 and 4 Crushed Concrete, 30,509 tonnes of Class 2 Crushed Rock and 8,349 tonnes of Recycled Sand was supplied. Alex Fraser Asphalt commenced paving in May 2015 and nearly 30,000 tonnes of both deep and thin lift asphalt was supplied, which included a high percentage of recycled content.

Cost and carbon savings

Choosing Alex Fraser recycled materials resulted in a saving of 520 less truck loads and a carbon saving of approximately 1,567 tonnes.

Feedback from the project team

“Alex Fraser Group understands the market and its clients’ needs and adapts accordingly. They can provide solutions and alternatives that others would not be in a position to offer and are a great asset to have on board when delivering complex, large-scale projects. The quality product provided had a better financial and environmental outcome than if virgin materials had been used.”


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